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August 12th

Alright, time for football! Just getting back from Canton, Ohio. The Dolphins played the St. Louis Rams in the 1st Monday night game of the season. The Dolphins lost but I thought they looked extremely good! They held the Rams to no score when the Rams had the ball on the Dolphins 2 yard line. All the Rams could do on 6 plays was give it back to the Dolphins on their 20 yard line!

There has been numerous changes on the Dolphins roster, but all in all I believe the Dolphins are going to be a better team this year. The Dolphins signed James McKnight from the Cowboys, and drafted Chris Chambers in the second round from Wisconsin. On that note can you imagine Jamar Fletcher and Chris Chamber are thinking, they were roommates in college and were drafted 1 and 2 by the Dolphins! The Dolphins also have Jason Taylor, Zach's brother in law to a long term contract. The Dolphins also signed Dedrick Ward from the Jets, so the passing game has gotten better. Should be an interesting sophomore season for Jay Fiedler.

With some of the off season moves there were several losses, most notably Trace Armstrong is now an Oakland Raider. Richmond Webb is now a Bengal. Larry Izzo and Damon Huard are Patriots.

Please check back as I will be doing updates at least once a week for the rest of the season! The roster page will be updated when the final cuts happen.

Great download available at the Dolphins the software provides high resolutions game pictures click here to get to the site to download the software.

I am going to keep the post below up for awhile because it was almost a "Heidi" thing that happened to the Charges last season.

Pretty funny what happened to the Chargers fans. On their 1st victory of the season, in the final two minutes of the game the game switched over to Dan Rather and the Florida Secretary of State announcing that George Bush was declared the winner of Florida's electoral votes, the full description of what happened to the fans is available at Yahoo Sports.


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